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How to Have a Positive Attitude and Attract More Success

Ever felt negativity start to creep in?  Maybe you're feeling stuck in a rut.  I'm sharing some ways to turn things around to have a positive attitude and attract more success.  

1. Surround yourself with positive people.

Have you ever heard the saying that we are the sum of the people we spend the most time with? 

I’ve found this to be the case for me.

When I’m spending time with people who are critical, gossipy, negative and toxic, guess what? I walk away feeling down.  It’s like my energy gets zapped and it affects me too. It takes some work to brush it off, let it go, and reset.  

Do you know that feeling?  

In contrast, how do you feel when you’re around people who make you feel amazing?  Of course, it’s uplifting and infectious.   

This weekend, I went to a women’s networking and charity event with my friend Michelle, and it was full of powerhouse, successful, positive and high-vibe women who were radiating confidence and happiness.  It’s hard to be a downer in that type of environment.  

How much easier is it to have a positive attitude, when you’re around positive people to begin with than it is to try and change negative ones?  It’s so much easier.  

And here’s a tip: we can’t change others.  We can show up as ourselves and influence those around us, but the change has to come from them, not by you. 

Choose wisely who you spend your time with, and surround yourself with positive people, who are great examples and are doing good in this world.    


2. Create a daily practice or ritual 

Want more positivity? It helps to be intentional about it.  We all face different challenges and struggles, but no matter how hard life gets, there is always something, even if just one thing, we can focus on to be grateful for. 

Take note of the positive things in your life.  Take note of the things you’re grateful for and make it a practice to remember them, whether it’s verbally, writing it down, sharing it with others.  

Express those positive things, those positive thoughts regularly, and focus on the good.  It will help you get through tough moments, and turn things around. There is great power in positive thoughts and affirmations.  


3. Forgive yourself and others. 

 No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and life is about learning and growing.  Don’t hold on to grudges or hang on to resentment, it does you no good.  Yes, maybe someone wronged you or even hurt you, but hanging on to those hard feelings only poisons you.  Forgive others (I’m not saying you need to be ok with what happened), but do forgive, release those emotions, learn from mistakes, and let things go, so you can be happier.


4. Do More Things That Make You Happy

Several studies have proven that happiness makes you more successful, it’s not the other way around. 

“The December 2005 issue of Psychological Bulletin, examined studies of over 275,000 people and found that the happiest people owe their success, in part, to their optimism and positive outlook. Dr. Lyubomirsky, head researcher from UC Riverside concluded, “When people feel happy, they tend to feel confident, optimistic and energetic and others find them likable and sociable. Happy people are thus able to benefit from these perceptions.” - Mark Guidi  

So what is something that makes you really happy? When was the last time you had a good laugh? Did something new or exciting? Spent time with great friends or loved ones? Fulfilled a passion or hobby that brings you joy?  It’s simple, but common knowledge isn’t always common practice. Do more things that make you happy.  

I challenge you to try these ideas and experiment with what works best for you.  Think of one thing you could do this week, to help nurture a more positive attitude.  What will it be? Write it in your calendar. I’d love to hear your favorite.  Let me know!  

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