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"Jessica is one of the hardest working people I know. If she says she’ll do something, you can bet she’ll do it. She is wonderful to work with. She inspires and motivates all who come in contact with her. She is creative and very business savvy. She is detail oriented and professional. When I’m around her, I feel empowered to accomplish great things. I believe she has your best interests at heart, and I would recommend working with her if you’re looking for personal growth or to up level in your business."

Ariel Miller - Natural Health Business Owner, Utah, USA 




"I've been out of the PR industry for a long time and Jessica quickly helped me to get up to speed on what's going on in the PR world, new practices, and she was really patient and thorough when answering my many questions.  She helped me to feel more confident in my PR skills."

Would you recommend working with Jessica? 

"YES! She was super professional, knowledgeable, organized, helped me to stay on track, went above and beyond!  She was great to work with."

- Courtney Killpack, founder, Utah, USA.




Before working with Jessica, I was frustrated not knowing where to start.   Jessica is clearly an expert in her field. She knew exactly what direction to take us, got us moving on the right track and asked pertinent questions in order to guide our discussion. She is helpful and very encouraging. She's articulate and jam packed our call with vital information to help us succeed. I feel better equipped to get this business up and running. I feel more confident on the process.

Jessica has been my business coach for the past year. She is incredible at what she does. My business has grown because of her expertise and the direct way she has given me direction and action. If you’re looking for someone to help your business get to the next level, I highly recommend her!

I believe in Jessica and her expertise.  I am so thrilled and happy to refer anyone I know. We will work with her again!!

-Kattie and Allan Mount, Marriage on A Tightrope Podcast & Business,

Murray Utah, USA




"Before working with Jessica, I really just didn't know where to start, I didn't have a map of how to go through media and pitching.  I was wishing I was on the path, and then through talking, she put me on the path. 

I didn't have any hesitations working with her and what I loved best is that she's very easy to understand, lays things out clearly. 

The result I'm most thrilled with is the feeling of ease and now more of a plan.  I feel a bit more comfortable knowing the layout of the industry, this will equate with my finding my way through it.

Would you recommend working with Jessica?

Yes, because she's clear and that makes plans easy to follow! Bravo and thank you!"

 Alexandria King, Founder of, author of "The Moon In You: A Period Book For Girls," speaker on mother-daughter relationships, sexual trauma, and our body's mensuration & nature. Photo credit: Billy Woods. 

Salt Spring Island, Canada 





"Before working with Jessica, I was hesitant that the strategies would sound like something that I could easily Google myself.  My biggest frustration was that I wasn't sure how to approach marketing my program and how to approach media outlets.

You gave me specific actionable items that I can implement!!! There was tons of value and content!! You weren't chatting to fill space on the zoom call. You were intentional and focused.  I'm thrilled with the framework you gave me for marketing my program and the specific steps you gave me to approach media outlets. 

Would I recommend working with Jessica? Absolutely yes, I would recommend!"

Tonia Shump - Mindset & Fitness Coach, Pilates &TRX Certified.




Before working with Jessica, I didn't know if I had what it takes to build a business, to put together all the pieces.  I had no idea where to start with anything. I felt like I was jumping from area to area without making any progress because I didn't know what needed to be done. I would read things online to get guidance but then would have no idea how to implement.  

I didn't have any actionable items laid before me. I would sit at my computer wanting to work on something productive but didn't know where to start. I wanted to create something but didn't have direction.

Since working with Jessica, I have found so much clarity in what I want to create. Jessica helped me to clarify my vision and then narrow it down and fine-tune it. I have learned how important it is to be clear in my intent. Jessica asked me a lot of questions that always made me think. She didn't tell me to think a specific way but rather asked me questions that made me think. Her questions made me dig deeper into my thoughts and intentions.  I really appreciated that she has a method. She has an organized method to follow. She also knows her stuff. 

I am thrilled that I got the confidence to launch my business. I am thrilled that Jessica gave me the confidence that I was ready. She also pushed me to get ready. She encouraged me to set a date. She made me think I was ready.

I figured out how to get started. She gave me actionable items to do...mostly related to my messaging. But these items got me to do the thought work...the intense soul searching about what I want my business to be able.

I picked working with Jessica because she is not pushy, she is authentic and genuine in every moment. She knows the industry, she is good at what she does, she is committed to success, she exemplifies what she is teaching. She believed in me before I knew there was anything to believe in.

I would recommend Jessica and I have recommended her.  She is someone who worked with me at my level. She met me where I was at, and built from there. She never left feeling discouraged. And Jessica made me feel like I was one of her greatest friends!

Lisa has since landed premium (high-paying) clients. 

Lisa Danielle Coaching, fitness, weight-loss, and body love for women.

Lisa Rivera, Utah USA 




What did you like best about working with Jessica?  "Her ideas are amazing!"

Would you recommend working with Jessica?  "Yes!! She has great energy, she is very detailed and she is very organized!"

-Pamela Romo de Abella, Founder of, DearMom, CEO and Founder of 

Editor in Chief at The Juliet Magazine - Los Angeles, California



 "I've been working on getting specific with who my ideal clients are while focusing on more avenues of income for my business.  I feel like this training is helping me boost my confidence in business and organize my thoughts and dreams to make them a reality.  Thanks Jessica!"

"I feel so much more confident in the way I do business and feel like I have identified the mindset blocks that were holding me back from achieving the things I wanted to achieve in my business, and now have the tools to keep me moving forward."

"I liked the self-paced feature and the workbooks to follow along while listening to the audio portions. I think the module on mindset was the most helpful for me. I'm really happy I had the opportunity to look inward first before breaking down the parts of my business."

Would you recommend this product to someone else?

"Yes I would! I feel like the information included is very valuable, even to someone who may think they have all the answers. It's refreshing to hear it all laid out from a new perspective."

-Jill Kaufusi, founder of, Utah, USA.




"...For what I experimented, I love your training.... I love the audios, Q&A, small sections...the content is great, I've learned a lot. I like that you speak about different subjects, everything is useful to run a business."

"...thank you! And I want to thank you too for your coaching, I've started the VIP access, that's a success, my clients love it! 

-Anne Julie Yonnet, Naturopath, Coach, and Founder of  Lafrançaise, France



"Jessica is amazing. She is so fast and clued up and gets right to the point. She is a breath of fresh air. A very intelligent and capable woman."

She's fast-paced and I gained clarity in myself/business. I would recommend working with Jessica 100%."

-Lousie Dean




"Before working with Jessica, I had nobody to help me focus on the important things to grow my business, to think out of the box, or to be accountable to. I am doing that for my team, but I am searching for that as well for me."
"I was focusing on what I liked, or felt comfortable doing, like blogging for instance. But it can be very time-consuming for little returns."
What did you like best about working with Jessica? 
"You shared some experiences and ideas I could not find by myself.  And sometimes I am happy to see that you confirmed/validated the options I chose."
 What changes have you noticed in yourself or in your business
since working with  Jessica? 
"You opened the way for me to be more focused on concrete things, with quick returns for my business. Like holding classes with my team, digging into a topic to foster specialization of my builders with Spas or Yoga for instance."
Julie Vigneron - founder of Une Goutte, Ca Pousse
Camphin-en-Pévèle, France 

"My biggest frustration was finding information that was relevant to my bio and trying to find more visibility. I didn't have a strong bio statement. Since working with Jessica, I feel more confident in my messaging.  Jessica teaches in a way that is easily understood. I love her quiet presence and the way she helps others feel empowered."
"Loving my bio and now have increased clarity. You took away my confusion, frustration and helped me gain clarity in my messaging." 
"I picked Jessica because I love her energy.  I would totally recommend working with Jessica, she is an expert in helping others to create more visibility and presence in their marketing.   Thank you Jess for sharing your time and wisdom with us. Appreciate you!"
Tammy Hankins Ebright, Florida USA
Life and Business Strategist, founder of Unleash Your Amazing 
Before Jessica, my biggest frustration was knowing what was important and where to focus my efforts.  I had zero personal branding, other than basic LI & FB profiles. I did not have a current bio and no idea of what was needed for setting up an authority profile. 
I am now clear on the actions I need to take to create the basic assets needed for brand promotion. 
What I loved best is that Jessica was very knowledgeable on the topics and came prepared to teach. Our sessions moved quickly and she conveyed a lot of critical information in a short time. I loved the pace and quality of the details she shared. It is obvious that she has deep knowledge and experience in personal branding, course development, promotion, and high performance.  
I'm thrilled that I now have a game plan. :-)
Jessica helped me cut to the chase on what was important and what was not for building my personal branding assets. I also learned the things that needed detailed planning. All in all, she gave us an understanding of the importance and value of doing this right.
I picked Jessica because I had been observing Jessica on weekly zoom calls for a year. She always comes prepared, has thoughtful information to share, and sets the bar for grace on camera! I also very much appreciate her gentle directness. She will tell you the truth but delivers news in a way you want to receive it.
Would I recommend her? Yes! Jessica is the ideal coach with deep knowledge and persuasive delivery of important subject matter to help you take your business to the next level.
Deon Janeway Bills, CEO and Business Strategist 
Atlanta Georgia USA 


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