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2019 Year in Review

I turned to Jake, and asked, "Did we even do anything this year?"  I had to think back and was reminded of how much growth, experiences and change we've experienced in a short amount of time. 

Taking a step back to reflect on the year behind us.  Closing a decade, starting a new one.  It feels exciting and inspiring and I can't wait to share the journey with you.  

Celebrating 2019 and some highlights: 

  • Worked one-on-one with some incredible clients. Thank you for putting your trust in me.  To my amazing clients, it has been a pleasure to help and serve you! Thank you. You inspire me.  I look forward to what this next year has in store for you!  Click here to see what they have to say.


  • Made the decision to officially move on from my role in the e-commerce (online biz) agency, and pursue my own brand and business in 2020, and going all in.  Goodbye windowless office. Really excited about this direction.  My creativity is flowing non-stop with ideas. 


  • Speaking and stepping it up.  I wanted to get better at speaking, for many reasons, like videos, sharing my message, presenting and future speaking engagements, so I joined a local speaking club, Toastmasters.  Building new skills outside my comfort zone.  Made some new friendships and working on those uhms, and filler words.  The only way to get better at something is to practice. 


  • Created a new membership site, for my wellness community, that will be available in 3 languages. English, Spanish, and French.  This business grew to over $275k in team volume sales in 2019 alone. Wow, still can't believe this. 


  • Traveled to Spain and Portugal with my husband, Jake and celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary. Wow, what an incredible experience.  We will be back, for sure. Click here to go behind the scenes...


  • I'll add motherhood/parenthood to this list because raising my family is something I value. Worked with the amazing Carrie Contey, parenting coach, who I now call our friend.  Navigating the ropes of motherhood, and raising our little ones, with intention, as they reach new ages and milestones. 


  • One thing we wanted to focus on was creating more family experiences. Finding our flow, and spending more quality time as a family.  We're finding our rhythm.  With Jake's heavy travel schedule, sometime it throws us all off.  I single parent on and off for over 16 weeks of the year.


  • Traveled to California for some family time with the kids.  Visited Universal Studios, Harry Potter land, Laguna beach, etc.  Note to self, the 4D rides at Universal, watch yourself.  By the end of the day I wanted to puke.  But Laguna was dreamy.   


  • Traveled to Washington DC and visited the White House.  That was awesome.  Saw all the famous sites and got a VIP tour of the National Capital building, congress and speaker floor and more.  Click here to go behind the scenes...


  • Family photoshoot in L.A. with our great friend, Justin Lin, of Lin & Jirsa Photography.


  • Traveled to California, again, organized a workshop and got to see my first business mentor, Marie Forleo and ask her questions live. Click here to go behind the scenes...


  • A weekend getaway at Bryce Canyon National Park with our family. 


  • New branding photos with my friend and talented photographer, Heather Telford. (Note: She was also our first photographer and took our engagement photos). 


  • Worked with the talented Diane, of Sirena's Creative.  She's based in San Diego and I was thrilled that she came out to Utah to visit.  Looking forward to our projects on the table. 


  • Met my husband's childhood hero, Chuck Norris.  Random, but still fun!


  • New video shoot filmed in Snow Canyon, Utah.


  • Started writing my new book, make sure to look out for it in 2020! I'll be sharing updates on publishing date and pre-orders and bonuses as we get closer.


And 2019, that's a wrap.  What was something you experienced, created or embraced this past year?  Let me know, I'd love to hear from you! 

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