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3 Money Beliefs That Keep You Stuck

Whether we like it or not, money affects all of us, but for many, it's a taboo topic.  Maybe you didn't grow up talking about money or you think that those who have a lot are selfish or greedy.   

Some might say that money doesn't buy happiness, and that's true.  But, being broke doesn't buy anything.  I would know, I've been there and it was a really hard place to be.  The truth is that most of us need it to pay for food, shelter, clothing and to cover our basic necessities. 

Here are 3 common beliefs that keep entrepreneurs stuck.  

1. Time is money.

This one many of us struggle to breaking free from.  Because it's so ingrained in our culture.  Punching a time clock.  Watching the minutes go by and waiting for time to pass, in exchange for money.  When working a typical 9-5, this is common.  But, money in exchange for time is not the only way to create it.

Note that I'm not referring to investments here, because of course, money compounds with time and interest.   

2.  Money is the root of all evil.

This is a super common one, especially in some religious communities.  If you believe that money is evil, it will be hard for you to attract more into your life.  If you do, you won't feel good about it.  

If you believe that money makes you evil, or that those who have more are bad people, you certainly won't want to create more of it in your own life because it's a contraction to your soul and values. 

 3.  Money doesn't grow on trees. 

Ok, maybe there isn't a real tree with Benjamins on it, but the implication of this phrase is that money isn't everywhere.  That money is a limited resource.  That money is something that is scarce or not easily available.  Maybe you've heard this phrase when talking about something you can't afford.  This is a super common saying that many of us grew up hearing.  

The topic around money is so loaded, because we all have such complex experiences, pasts and relationships around it.

But here's the truth.  Money is simply a resource. It's a tool.  It can be used to improve your quality of life, create financial freedom and make an impact. 

Here's an example: Maybe you want to donate to a favorite charity or organization that you love?  Maybe you want to support or bring awareness to a particular topic you're passionate about and create a bigger movement? Maybe you want to have a thriving business and provide jobs for others, in return improve their lives.

Money can help all of these. 

There were massive wildfires in Australia, that devastated the country.  People's homes, wildlife and natural resources where completely destroyed.  Financial donations are helping people to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

Money is helping them.  

Maybe you want to save for your children's education, hire a financial planner, invest in your health, or you want to retire comfortably, so you're not a burden on other family members.  Or you want to upgrade your life and have generous savings in the bank for a rainy day.  Money can help you do this too.  

What is one thing that you've heard about money or a belief that you hold true? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you. 

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