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How to Stay Motivated When You're Feeling Discouraged

We’ve all been there.  

An idea or goal you had is taking a lot longer than expected, and you’re hitting so many bumps along the way, you’re wondering if it’s ever going to happen.

Or, something you were excited about, ended up being a total flop.

Maybe it feels like no matter what you do, you’re just not getting any real traction.

You’re listening to all the advice, you’re working so hard, but it still feels like you’re taking 1 step forward, 5 steps back.

It’s so frustrating and discouraging.

Your motivation starts to fade, and you just can’t seem to keep going.  Feeling derailed, you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it past that finish line.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.  We all experience discouragement and disappointment, when we least expect it.  

Here's the thing.  Feeling discouraged is totally normal, it just happens.  

But here’s the key.  

How you choose to respond to it, in those tough defining moments, is what will make all the difference.  So how do you stay motivated, and help pull yourself back on track?


1.  Zoom Out

Ever tried on a pair of binoculars?  You know that when it's zoomed in, all you can see is the big, annoying blurry image, right?

When you have something right in front of you, a setback or challenge, it can be really discouraging to see anything past it, and it’s hard to get perspective.

In fact, the setback, or issues, seem so big, that you can’t focus on anything else, because it’s staring you right in the face.

But when you start to turn the dial, and slowly zoom out, that annoying blurry image begins to shrink.  The landscape around it becomes more clear, and now you can see other parts of the picture, you simply couldn’t before.  

You now notice other things that are interesting and beautiful, and the big annoying blurry image is something you can clearly identify, because you can now see the bigger picture.   

So when you’re feeling discouraged, zoom out.  Get some real perspective. Sometimes that takes stepping back, and physically getting away from it, or asking a trusted friend to tell you what they see, from an outside perspective.    

Pretend that you’re looking down at your situation, from a birds eye view.  So zoom out and get up, as high as you can (mentally) and try to see things from a new perspective.  

When something big, doesn’t feel so big anymore, it is empowering and motivating, because you can start to see a path appear, and can now begin to figure out your way around it.  You see the big picture.

So, if you zoomed out of your situation right now,  what would you see?


2.  Pause and Commit

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  

Give yourself a break.  Be gentle, gracious and spacious with yourself and allow yourself a moment to pause, and to really be ok with that discouragement or disappointment that you’re experiencing.

But ask yourself this…How much time do I need to sit with it?  

You need to decide what that is for you.  Is it taking a day, a week or even a month to pause and take your mind off it?

The key is to define a specific amount of time, that feels good for you, and make a promise to yourself, that once that time has passed, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned, put it behind, and pick back up and keep moving forward.  

This is so motivating, because you’re giving yourself permission to pause and do this, instead of ignoring your discouragement or being too hard on yourself.  You’re committed, you have it on your calendar, it’s now something to look forward to and you have a tangible date that you know you’ll get back into the arena, and keep moving forward.   

Don’t get totally derailed.  Just take a pause, then get back in the game.  


3.  Light the Fire

You have to shift your energy around the situation because it’s time to put a little more kindling in the dying motivation fire.

You’ll go from feeling stuck to on fire!

Now is the time to fill your soul with those things that inspire you the most.

Read an inspiring book about someone who has overcome something challenging.

Listen to inspiring music.

Watch a short youtube video of something totally inspiring, there are plenty of those.

Crank up the music with a dance party at home, or in the kitchen.

Have a good laugh with some friends.

Go on a walk with a trusted friend or loved one and tell them you need some encouragement, a good friend will support you.

Listen to your favorite soul-pumping songs, loudly in the car.

Go do some yoga session, and find your inner guidance.

Go do something really exciting and fun.

Do a hot & sweaty workout, that kicks your butt, but feels so good afterwards.

Go on that hike or walk through nature, to reflect and get centered.

You need to get clear on the things that motivate you.  DO MORE OF THAT!!!

You have to shift your energy around, and doing a few, or all of these really does help.  

And if you’re hearing that inner-critic whispering in your ear, and raining on your parade, you’ve got to let him or her know that you’re not interested in what it has to say right now. You’re moving forward, no matter what.

I’d love to hear from you:  

What do you like to do to stay motivated? Or what is something that was discouraging for you. Which of these steps will you experiment with? Let me know, I’d love to hear.

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