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Year in Review 2020: Looking Back

As we've kickstarted the first couple of weeks of 2021, I couldn't help but look back and review what the previous year looked like.  What can I say? We made it through.  If you’re reading this post, congratulations on making it through too, despite everything thrown at us. 

What a wild and unexpected year for all of us.  I wasn’t immune from hardships, but I’m grateful and didn’t take for granted that in our home, it seemed our blessings outweighed our struggles.   

Here are a few highlights:

Joined my first high-level mastermind 

I’ve invested in programs and courses before, but this was the biggest business investment I’ve made to date.  It was scary taking the leap but was worth it.  We’re talking several thousand dollars, but I'm a believer in investing in yourself and learning from the best, so you can level up and be supported in getting where you want to go.   

I found a mentor who’d worked behind the scenes of some of the top names in my industry and was able to work closely with him and learned so much.  Not only that but alongside an intimate group of incredible women.  We became “business besties” and spent months together, learning, growing, sharing, and implementing together. 

Featured in media

Was published twice in Thrive Global, a guest on the Upbeat podcast, and a Spanish FB live show, as well as video interviews with new guests on the blog.  

New Projects

Landed the role of lead female character for a Spanish video game (language learning app) that’s available on the app store.  

Created + launched a brand new 5-day visibility challenge 

This was an inspired project, with lots of moving parts, that took some planning and effort.  I loved hearing the responses from those who participated (thank you for the emails and sweet messages!).  Some of you reading may have participated or even met me through there, so shoutout if that is you!  Way to go for taking action! 

Helped mentor new and returning clients this year.  It was a joy to see how far they've come.  Thank you for your trust in me.  I've loved seeing you succeed! 

FB group for creative entrepreneurs 

If you'd like to stay connected with me on FB, I have a complimentary group with over 800 members, come on over and join us!

>>Click here to join my FB group:

Supportive online communities played an important part for me to feel connected and supported personally and professionally.  Grateful for the new friendships and connections made this year.  I don't know what I would have done without them. 

New Routines

We all had to adapt, I'm sure you had some curveballs too.  School at home was challenging for me (as somewhat of an introvert).  It felt overwhelming at the start, and over the months, we had many ups and downs.  As fall came, we decided to do a hybrid of home and school learning and that worked much better for our family. Things have improved in our area, and we are now at school 4 days a week, with a short schedule.    

Weekend hikes and regular walks became so important for me, to help manage our well-being.  Made an effort to make it happen as much as possible.  Doesn't hurt that there are beautiful places nearby.  But, of course, many times my kids would complain of "too much walking." lol.  

Jake worked from home

You might be thinking, “Who cares? Lots of people did.”  But, this was a HUGE change for us. You see, over the past several years, my husband traveled A LOT for work (adding up to several months out of the year). Not to mention me solo-parenting often. So, for our kids to be around him more and us having him home, was really special.  Don’t get me wrong, we had our moments.  Of course, we’d get on each other's nerves, but overall it was a mostly positive experience. We considered this a win.  

Took a trip to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Montana.

Creating family experiences was a goal, so we went when and where we could.  We decided on a destination that had something for everyone and went to Yellowstone, Jackson, Glacier, and exploring Montana. 

Found out there is huckleberry everything there. Ice cream, jam, hard candy, pies, pancakes, shakes, and even huckleberry flavored water. We tried them all. Lol. Was a real treat and I enjoyed exploring the national park, hiking, and swimming in a glacier. 

More adventures and sleeping in a Teepee 

A first for us, but a unique and memorable experience.  Picture this…You cross a river bridge, lit up by nothing more than outdoor string lights. On the other side is a primitive site, full of tall canvas teepees, spread out across the land.  If you’ve ever driven outside the city, you know how dark the sky gets. You can see every single star and the milky way.

Imagine that, but with teepees lit up and glowing with nothing more than a campfire inside. With the stars in the background, it was beautiful, picturesque, and peaceful. Like something from a storybook, it felt magical.

During the day, we’d go tube rafting down the rapids, kayak down the river, and my son went fishing with his cousins. At night we relaxed in some natural mineral hot springs that felt blissful and rejuvenating on the body.  Just what we needed. We took some time to unwind, make memories, and unplug. It was awesome.  Discovered how much our boy loves fishing, and explored some new places with him.  

 Escaped to Lava Hot Springs 

Clearly a theme for us this year was to get outside (and maintain our sanity).  We went to Lava Hot Springs and rafted down the river time and time again.  Discovered some new places we will definitely go back to.

Supported social justice and change 

We rallied peacefully in support of issues that mattered to us, as there were so many this year, in hopes of raising awareness and affecting positive change in the world. 

Had many conversations at home about what was happening in the world around us and took a stand on what we felt was right. 

Celebrated 14 Years of Marriage

We'd been planning on going together to Prague this year, but travel plans canceled and postponed.  Instead, we celebrated at the place where we'd gone on our very first date and made the most of it.  

Thankful for this

One of the best decisions we'd made was to become debt-free. We don't have student loans, car loans, consumer debt, credit card debt, etc., except for the mortgage.  My business is also debt-free.  This year, more than ever, these decisions brought us peace of mind, during uncertain times.  

I don’t share any of this to boast or brag, but to share that it’s possible. I'm sure many of you might be in a better place, but a few years back, when we were over our heads, I was so inspired by women who'd talk about money,  share how they did it, and it motivated me to take action, change our current situation and look for ways to make it happen too.  It didn't happen overnight, but we kept going and took action until we got there. 

Growth of a Global Wellness Business

Back in 2013, I'd experimented with starting a side business and decided to partner with doTerra, because I loved many of the products.  I was living in the south of France and learning more about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.  Since then, it has continued to expand and grow, reaching over 1,400 customers in 16 different countries across the globe. This blows my mind. 2020 was a record growth year, as more people are focusing on well-being and self-care. If you're curious about natural wellness products or would like to learn more, reach out to me, or CLICK HERE.

Picked Up New Hobbies

Bought a new paddleboard and enjoyed taking it out on the lake all summer long.  Also started going to Zumba and fitness/dance classes (some at home and some at a local fitness center) for fun and we got the kids a big trampoline to play in the backyard.

I started learning about beginner gardening and bought my first batch of heirloom organic seeds for our future garden.  Keeping it simple, and taking baby steps towards becoming more self-reliant. 

Went to the lake often. 

Trips to Southern Utah

We went about 3 different times throughout the year, one of our favorite places to get away to, with sunny, warmer weather. 

A focus on self-care, self-love & wellness.

One of my challenges this year was my mental and emotional health.  I struggled for sure.  Hitting the yoga mat on a regular basis helped me re-center myself when things were feeling crazy.  Also, lots of steam room sessions (we built a custom steam room in our house and it has been one of our favorite upgrades), did aromatherapy, got an acupressure mat, meditation, affirmations, occasional massages, etc.    

This all motivated me to want to create a home wellness space, which I've started gathering ideas and inspiration for.  

Hello Braces 

Made the decision, last minute, to fix my teeth.  I’d been putting it off for years, and had the urge to get it done and make an appointment.  Had braces in my teens and they’ve just moved since then.  Figured I might as well get things straightened out, while we’re wearing masks all the time, you know? Double duty.  Sometimes I feel like an awkward teen again, but really it’s not too bad. (Or maybe it is! lol). 

Got New Family Passports 

If you know me, you already know I love travel and adventure. I’m hopeful and looking forward to new experiences and adventures in 2021.  Where should we go?

 If you've made it reading this far, thank you! You're the best.  I'd love to hear from you.  What are some of your favorite highlights of your own year, (we all have something), or what would you'd like for 2021? Make sure to reach out and let me know!

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