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3 Powerful Lessons with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a former monk turned media influencer and role model. Named by Forbes 30 under 30, with over 20 million followers and 4 billion social media views, he's making a positive impact on the lives of so many. 

I got to meet him, face to face, during an intimate training and live event.  So let me share with you some powerful lessons learned, with the one and only Jay Shetty. 

Firstly, you'd think he's been doing this work for a lifetime, but actually, one of the most surprising things is that he's only "been around" since 2016.  The reason his success has exploded so quickly, is because he knows how to leverage viral content, creates relatable videos, filled with wisdom and emotion, and he's a marketing genius. 

This goes to show that it doesn't have to take forever, to spread a powerful message.  If it resonates, people will want to hear it, and if it's sharable, it will spread and it can grow. 

I love that Jay is grounded in his purpose and mission. He's deeply charismatic.  His energy is magnetic and infectious.  No doubt, all eyes are on him when he's speaking.  I learned so many things, but today I'm focusing on some key lessons:

Consistency gives people a reason to tune in. 

To achieve the level of success he has, there must be an element of consistency in his actions and what is being created.  If you notice, you'll see there's new content being released on the same days, each week, through youtube and other platforms. You can count on fresh content, and he's consistent with the types of messages being shared.  When you watch a video, you can expect to see wisdom on relationships, life, consciousness, motivation, etc. 

He closely follows the algorithms and shares similar content on similar days, so when people interact with his videos, it improves his video relevancy ranking and in turn, more people can see the content on their social feeds. 

Relationship Forgiveness is Key

One of the exercises he had us do, was to make a list of 3 people that hurt us.  You can do this too.  Make a list and then intentionally forgive them, not just for their sake, but for your own inner peace.   We need to develop the ability to rise above pain and challenges.  We need to accept the apologies that we never received because holding onto "resentment is like drinking poison and accepting the other person to die. Move on and let go."  -Malachy McCourt 

Understand the Lesson

Understand that people come into your life for a season, for a reason, or for a lifetime.  Our job is to identify the reason in which they came into our lives and also to thank the people who are in our lives for our lifetime.  We repeat the reason, until you've learned the lesson. So, articulate the reason why that person was in your life.  This advice is so valuable.   Take a moment to reflect on this.  

If you think about all the people who have come and gone, you'll begin to see the purpose and impact that relationship had in your life.  For better or for worse, the lesson needs to be learned, or it will repeat itself with someone else. 

If anything, take that thought with you today.  What has been the lesson learned from one of your current or past relationships? 

I'd like to hear from you, what's something you've learned from Jay that has made an impact on your life, or what is something from the post above that is helpful for you? Let me know. 

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